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Premium Containers was born in 2017, the team being one with 20 years of experience in civil and industrial constructions. We have managed to offer our clients in Romania and abroad, complex projects, perfectly adjusted to their needs – from multi-storey offices, fully equipped , to luxury homes, made of these lightweight, versatile and environmentally friendly materials.

We promote sustainable investments and use innovative and environmentally friendly materials.

The containers include very good quality materials, from ventilated facades and PVC joinery with LOW-E double glazing, to natural wood paneling, lacquered with ecological varnishes and modern air conditioners with ecological freon. We are focused on quality and on a continuous communication with the future beneficiaries, in order to respect exactly their needs.

The metal structure is designed and executed according to the needs of each project, made of galvanized sheet of 2.5 or 3 mm, stamped and welded. All welds are protected with special paints and the whole structure is covered with tinplates made of galvanized sheet painted in electrostatic field, in the color desired by the beneficiary.

We take care of the design, so that the execution is done after clarifying all aspects. We work with predictability and thus we have only satisfied customers.

All projects are executed in the EU, with qualified staff and competitive technologies.


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